Hello world ! 


It’s been long since I have started using computers and internet. But of course like a typical middle class Indian family, internet was kinda taboo in my family too. So I only got my first internet connection after lot crying. So in my 8th standard I bought a dial up modem partly with money I saved ( mostly from my father’s pocket ). That day I remember, I went straight to the internet cafe near my home right after the school and bought the dial up modem, thinking in mind of downloading games, obviously what else could I do. But then at that time I didn’t know with 56 kbps you could not download a game instantly. Reached home connected the modem, opened internet explorer, typed in http://www.google.com. This was the time I realized, how hard is it to load even a webpage. Okei this is the start of my netizenship. Even though I have had access to internet through my father’s sony erricson k320 ( My father always complained, why his mobile balance is going low all the time), I consider “dial-up modem” to be what really allowed me to explore the world of knowledge as well as the other thing ( I know you know hehe.. ).

Time have passed really fast. Now I own a 4mbps bsnl broadband connection. It is real jump when considering my first situation. I have completed so called engineering which is mandatory. But still I feel like I had access to this whole stream of knowledge and I didn’t use it. Moreover I feel a sense of responsibility in me, that I should give back internet something, Internet was my friend which helped me in my assignments, watch movies, it had always helped in one way or other ( Yes, ofcourse helped me with that one tooo ). So as my personal hobby / project, I have decided that I will share interesting stuff that I stumble upon during my internet journey.

I got swept away, I am sorry, forgot to tell who am I ?. I am George J Padayatti. Your fellow brother in one big internet family. I completed (sought of) my engineering in Information Technology from god’s own country, kerala. I am a full time freelancer. I have successfully completed 15+ live projects. I am a proud member of opensource fan community. Hoping to become a contributor soon. You can email me at georgejpadayatti@gmail.com.

Also you can find me at,

  1. Github
  2. Stack overflow
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru

P.S – I am an amateur as far as my literature skills are considered. Please bare with me and suggest your thoughts, I will make necessary updates to help you.