Learning PHP – Starting my journey of becoming a full stack web developer.


In this series, we would be trying to learn some basics of PHP and also some advanced stuff. By the end of this series we would try to implement a to-do list application which will support single user. Being a newbie to PHP programming, I will also be learning along this series of blog posts. So what is PHP? PHP is a server side scripting language. PHP means PHP hypertext pre-processor which is a recursive acronym that means an acronym containing another acronym inside it. The PHP inside it stands for personal homepage as initially it was called. PHP was originally created by Rasmus lerdorf in 1994.

Installing PHP


I won’t be covering any other installation methods because it may found easily on Google. But instead I will covering how I installed PHP in my computer for learning purpose. To run PHP locally we need a web server. For this I installed WAMP web server. Installation of WAMP webserver is pretty much standard as you can download the executable from their website and install it simply by pressing next at each dialogue box until the installation is finished. After the WAMP webserver is installed you need to start the server in order to access the WWW directory of the webserver. WWW directory is where the source files of the PHP application or HTML or css files are kept. So whenever you want to test a PHP file, copy the PHP file to the WWW directory and open it in the web browser. WAMP server is an application stack that contains several applications to run PHP files.  WAMP server stands for windows, apache, mysql, PHP server.

So that’s it for the first post on this series. But I know lot of you may have doubts regarding the installation process feel free to ask me through the comment section. Also I appreciate your suggestions and feedback’s too.


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