#! /bin/bash

Shell programing

Being a linux user, you may be familiar with terminals. Terminals are used to enter commands that could perform some functions. In windows, there is something called batch programs that allow you to execute the windows cmd commands one by one. Shell programming allow you to create script files that are programs on their own. These scripts can execute a chain of commands. Shell programming also allow you to use normal programming constructs like for, while, if etc..

Shell is basically an interface between us and unix kernal. It converts the commands we enter into something the kernal could understand. Kernal is what that manages resources in our linux OS. Most of linux operating system provide it’s users with a shell program from the GNU project called the ‘bash’. The bash is the acronym for ‘bourne again shell’. For the graphical user interface, there is another program called the terminal emulator which is supplied for interaction with the shell.


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