Avoid the hassle of git authentication

Git as you all know is a version control system created by Linus Torwalds. Linus Torwalds is the creator of the linux OS. He created git for easing the development of linux kernel. A version control system is a software that keeps tracks of all the version s of a file. Different versions of a file are generated when changes are made to the particular file.

I came to use git recently, when i started developing miniproject for my BTECH course. I am pretty noob to git. But with my limited knowledge of git I am able to perform basic operations of git. I have an account in github.com which is a website i use to store my repositories. Each time I do a git push to my origin master I need to perform authentication with the github.com server. This gradually got boring because each time I push, I need to enter my username and password.

But git has a feature that could avoid this boring process of authentication each time. This feature of git can be enabled by entering the following commands in the command line.


$ git config credential.helper store

$ git push https://github.com/<username>/<repoName.git>

$ Username : <type your username>

$ Password : <type your password>


After you perform the above commands, you can push to your repository without authenticating each time. The ‘credential.helper store’ allows you to store the username and password in .git-credentials file as plaint text. Most developer tell this method is inefficient, but I find it useful.

For more reference on the topic, visit https://git-scm.com/docs/git-credential-store


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