Chatbots – Learning natural language processing.

Chatbots are the computer programs that could mimic human conversation using text or auditory methods. Chatbots are used for various purposes such as customer service and information acquisition. I am creating a chatbot that would give replies for domain specific queries. For this chatbot I will be using the AIML language. AIML allows you to easily create a chatbot from scratch.

AIML is an XML compliant language that is easy to learn. AIML was developed by Dr.Richard Wallace for creating the ALICE bot. So lets learn some basics of AIML before starting to develop a chatbot. Some of the basic tags in an AIML program are :

  • <aiml></aiml> – the tag that is used to begin and end an AIML program

  • <category></category – basic unit of knowledge

  • <pattern></pattern> – contains a pattern that matches what user inputs

  • <template></template> – contains the response for a particular matched pattern

In this tutorial we will be trying to create a basic chatbot by following the documentation given at the AIML website. Also we will be creating our bot in python language using aiml package. Also we may apply some basic NLP techniques using the python NLTK package.